Switch Series - SW800T3BK1_01


Switch is dynamic, young and fun! It is also simple, easy, and versatile. With the Switch Series, comfort is simple. Work swiftly through your day and add a touch of fun to the office. The Active Back Technology (ABT) is a unique compound material that flexes along the curve of user’s back. While it is soft and flexible, it’s supportive at the same time. The production of ABT seamlessly fused both supportive (frame) and flexible (inner back) materials together, without using glue or other binding agents.

The Switch series can determine your correct seat adjustments. It automatically adjusts the tension according to various weight and heights of the user. The seat back also provides full support and fits the natural curve of the user perfectly.


Tonique overturns the traditional office seating style! It enables your chair to easily blend with various surroundings and allow your idea to successfully blend the office and residential decoration. Tonique brings the traditional office chair to another level that catches everyone’s attention with first-class quality. Smooth PU foam and fabric combined with the perfectly curved gradient mesh contributes to extraordinary Tonique appearance.

Tonique incorporates the optimal back rest design that allows the body to adjust naturally to minimize pressure to the spine and maximize comfort and balance. The height adjustable arms also provide correct support to reduce stiffness and fatigue. A complete collection of Tonique models offers a wide variety of combinations that an serve all functions.

Body Flex Chair


The innovative design makes the most of advanced materials and construction- giving you a chair that is as flexible as you, and a leader in comfortable office seating. Bodyflex prevents work fatigue and keeps your body and mind operating at full capacity for higher energy levels and greater performance.

The Bodyflex Executive chair intelligently responds to every moment and change of position providing constant ergonomic support for every user. No more regular adjustments to ensure you are always correctly supported as you move in your chair- the Bodyflex does the thinking and adjusting for you!


The Symbian Series is designed by simulating the S curve and movement of the human body. Symbian also features various angles and heights for adjusting to every user’s requirements which makes the movement of Symbian act like the extension of each individual user.

The Symbian’s functions and appearance are suitable for every type of surrounding. It will fit in any home as well as any office. The Symbian is completely fashionable, comfortable, and reliable. The comfortable embrace from Symbian is such a natural feeling and this characteristic makes you concentrate on your work and helps stimulate your work efficiency. The Symbian is an intelligent chair based on ergonomics know-how, and by frequent interaction with the user. Symbian makes the seating experience healthy and enjoyable, and creates a fabulous lifestyle as well.